Check Out These Places To Visit When You Arrive In Lakeland FL

Lakeland FL is your vacation destination for this trip to the Sunshine State, and you need some information about places of interest. In another article featuring Lakeland attractions, I talked about 3 lakes there and a safari adventure. Let’s discover more about what is ahead of you on this trip to Lakeland, Florida.

There are plenty of areas in Lakeland for enjoying nature. Circle B Bar Reserve is a top spot, and you will find it at 4399 Winter Lake Road. There is a nature center there, and you will enjoy all of the Florida wildlife. Reviews mention alligator alley, and the place also features bald eagles. There are walking trails for your enjoyment as well. Take in the scene at Circle B Bar Reserve, and you will be glad that you did.

The Wildwood Antique Mall of Lakeland is a popular place that people like to visit, too. You never know what collectibles you are going to find there. Reviews say that the antique shopping experience there is quite an adventure. If you like looking for antiques and want to search for something you can bring home, The Wildwood Antique Mall is the place.

Colt Street State Park is also quite the place. Located at 16000 State Road 471, Colt Street State Park is said to be a peaceful place. There are hiking trails there, and people say that this state park is a chance to see ‘real Florida.’ You can go fishing, kayaking, horseback riding and enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities.

Another popular park to visit is Saddle Creek Park. Saddle Creek Park is located at 3716 Morgan Combee Road. It is especially a popular place to go bird watching, and it is another great fishing spot, too. Make use of the picnic tables, and be aware that there are alligators in the area, too. There is also a playground area, and there are five boat ramps as well.

You might also want to check out Lake Bonny Park, Holloway Park and Lakeside Village, among other places. Adventure after adventure awaits you in Lakeland FL, and you are going to have one great time. Pack up what you need for the trip, and remember that this is going to be a vacation where you get to enjoy the outdoors. Maybe you would like to even go camping. It will be fun for sure, and you just have to wait until you see it all in person.